The Learning Camp


The Program at The Learning Camp

classroom-210 0utdoor classrooms are sprinkled along Spring Creek and throughout the ranch.The Learning Camp carefully blends reading, writing, and math with all the fun of traditional summer camps. We practice academics in the mornings while the afternoons and evenings are filled with excitement and adventure.  Each camper receives an education program based upon his or her needs which are determined by input from their parents, their schools, and our staff. 

Acceptance Into Our CampAll campers need to go through our application process to determine if we can meet their needs prior to being accepted into our program.  We are a very specific camp for children that learn differently.

Academic Programpic-academic3Teachers on staff.Academic programs at The Learning Camp are designed for children with average, or above average IQ's that learn differently. We are not a camp for children with significant emotional or behaviour disorders. However, there are many great camps that we could recommend for children with those special needs. Most of our campers have been identified with a learning disability such as dyslexia, dyscalcula, processing disorders, NLD and ADHD or ADD. We also serve many children that merely need summer practice in the fundamentals. Campers at The Learning Camp gain a positive attitude about their academic abilities in addition to tools for the coming school year.

pic-academic2Reading, writing and math curricula designed for each camper.Unlike the regular school setting, campers practice fundamentals in small, intimate groups gathered outside under trees or on the shores of Spring Creek. Classes are organized according to age and the academic needs of the camper. Children are not given after-class assignments and so there is no homework or additional testing. Instead, we focus on working very intensely on the basics a few hours each day, and then enjoy all the activities of any given day at summer camp. We incorporate many different types of instructional strategies. There are now many summer camps in the world serving the LD, ADHD and ADD child, but none like The Learning Camp!

After morning lessons its time for some summer camp FUN.